The rulers of Chhota-Udepur were very fond of art and architecture so they constructed beautiful Palaces including Kali-Niketan, which was formally known as Nahar Villa, but was later changed, in honour of the family Goddess, Mahakali, to Kali-Niketan, which means the abode of Goddess Kali. Kali-Niketan was constructed by the present owner Maharaj Sajjansinh’s grandfather Maharaja Fatehsinhji in the late 19th century as his summer residence. The building has 6 air-conditioned rooms, 2 drawing rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 lounges and 5 terraces.

The Summer Home is located on a 60 acre compound with fountains in the front and at the back of the main house, vast open spaces and mango orchards complement an already perfect environment. The variegated food appeals to all palates but, specializes in Mughlai, Continental and traditional Gujarati cuisines and is available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All meals from breakfast to dinner are prepared by our family cooks with great care and attention to guests’ requirements.

The present owners are Maharaj Sajjansinh, his wife Rani Devendra Kumari and their son Rajkumar UdayrajSinh with whom bookings can be made.