Chhota-Udepur is basically a tribal area with local forests, mountains and rivers. The main tribes are the Rathwas, Bhils, Kolis and Naiks. The Rathwas being a martial race and are the major tribe in the area. It was from the Rathwas that Prithvirajsinh and Doongarsinh established their Kingdoms.

The main occupation of these tribes is farming, while the Rathwas have created an art form called the Pithora paintings, which they paint using special vegetable dyes and examples of it are evident in different villages. Their pottery work is unique to this area and worth seeing. There are colourful “HAATS” (Tribal fairs), held every day in nearby villages which are the marketing days for the tribals.

The main “HAAT” is held in Chhota-Udepur on every Saturday and every Monday at Kawant a town near Chhota-Udepur some 22 kms away.